Sports & Community Centre, Ilford

Project: Sports & Community Sport Centre


Size: 20,000 m²


Location: London, Redbridge


Client: Euron Developments Ltd


The amended design of the building is intended to overcome the industrial shed-like appearance of the previously approved scheme in favour of a form which is contemporary and expresses the confidence of a building that is more civic in appearance. A key feature of the design is the opening up of elevations to encourage glimpses into the building, as well as developing the relationship between the inside and outside of the building by maximising views and access to the surrounding grounds and facilities.


Internally the spaces are designed to cater for diversity and ease of divisibility which is essential for the successful functioning of the building. Individual parts of the building can be serviced efficiently to reduce operational costs whilst delivering environmental benefits. The envelope of the new proposals has been kept within the outline of the approved building so as to minimise and improve upon the impact on excising residential al properties surrounding the site.


The elevations of the buildings have been designed to exploit natural energy and daylight, whilst reflecting the scale and function of different parts of the building. Entrances  are also clearly differentiated and articulated and thus the building becomes legible to the public, whilst retaining its strong identity.


Planning permission was granted in 2015.

Currently under construction, completion due end of 2021.

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