Southall Master planning, Ealing

Project: Urban Design project for 179 no. residential units, dentists surgery, dentists college and commercial space Size: 18,210 m² Location: Ealing Client: Private This linear proposal along South Road, is to create an active edge of commercial space at ground floor, with residential units above whose massing is at once contextual, and responsive to the emerging capacity for increased densities provided by the impending new Crossrail connection. On the site is currently a set piece of mid-war semi-detached houses set back far from the road, which effectively severs the ‘town centre’ connectivity between the new proposed Southall Crossrail station and Southall Broadway. The proposal aims to create a new piece of quality streetscape, which references the varied existing context and also has a fine grain which creates visual interest and a feeling of quality. A major aim of the development is to connect Southall Crossrail and Broadway with continuous active frontage, so knitting the two centres together with new public amenities and green spaces. Currently undergoing design development and consultation.

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