Sikh Gurdwara, Nottingham

Project: Community


Size: 1,920 m²


Location: Nottingham


Client: Siri Guru Singh Sabha Nottingham


This is the site of the first-ever purpose-build Gurdwara in the UK (1974). The community has grown and requires a larger, modern facility. Aesthetically, there is a strong desire of community pride expression, making explicit reference to the best traditional Punjabi temples.


The primary feature of the proposed Gurdwara identity is the gateway with its dome: the front of the building is partially extended and traditional features such as carved dome, turrets, balustrade and pilaster will create a new landmark along Nottingham Road, albeit one that is, by virtue of its settings, only visible at close range.


The design is the result of extensive consultation with the community, focussing on phasing and practical deliverability,  offering continuity of the daily use for the community.

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