Sikh Gurdwara, Barking

Project: New-Build Gurdwara


Size: 3,310 m²


Location: London, Barking


Client: Gurdwara Singh Sabha London East


Construction Cost: £10 m


The project is sited on land adjoining the new William Street Quarter, adjacent to the original Quaker Friends House, which was converted to a Gurdwara in 1974. The site is a short walk away from Barking Station.


The  building appears to be traditional at first glance but designed with a strong modern ethos regarding proportions, typology and functional layouts leading to an editing of the culturally recognisable  features.


The proposals seek to reconcile the varying aspirations of the community and thus the interior is designed to take advantage of the comfort and flexibility offered by modern layouts, construction and technology. The design references the birth place of Sikhism and the many ornate and delicate Gurdwaras to be found in the Punjab and elsewhere in India.


Currently under construction, completion due for Vaisakhi 2021.

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