Hindu Temple, East Ham

Project: Hindu Temple


Size: 1,500 m²


Location: London, Newham


Client: Lakshmi Naranaya Trust


Construction Cost: £4.6 m


A new-build Hindu temple on a compact High Street location formerly occupied by a public house. The design blends an efficient modern interior with an ornately modelled exterior detailed by specialist Hindu temple designers in accordance with the views and customs of this particular branch of Hinduism prevalent in Southern India.


The Gopouram’s (towers) are deliberately intended to be visible from a long distance away and are an important element of the building, permitting religious interaction with the temple and daily reinforcement of the faith when devotees are passing in the street. Articulations to each elevation, using symmetry and ornate features, enliven the street and invite the local community in.


The building techniques used by the specialist craftsmen comprise of rendered corbelled brickwork with elaborate finer carvings produced in situ.


Completion was achieved in 2017.

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