East India Dock Road Hotel,Tower Hamlets

Project: New buildhotel, including refurbishment of existing residential block


Size: 6,930 sqm GIA with 163 bedrooms


Location: London,Tower Hamlets


Client: Acquired London


Construction Cost: £18m estimate


The proposed hotel forms a new urban set piece that addresses the disrupted nature of the area. The site has been assembled by our clients to offer the opportunity to complete the urban block facing of the Blackwall Tunnel Approach. The two-part massing strategy responds to the local scale of the neighbouring Conservation Areas. The podium offers massing continuity, and the tower offers a local landmark facing the large urban clearing.


The site is in a highly exposed location for pollution due to its proximity to the Blackwall Tunnel Approach. The hotel is designed to achieve an Excellent BREEAM rating.


Agenda 21 Architects Studio designed the scheme on this challenging site, leading a team of specialist consultants over a long period of consultation and achieved grant of planning permission in 2020.








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