198-200 High Road, Ilford

Project: Residential and Commercial

Size: 550 m² residential, 290 m² A1, A2, A3 commercial


Location: London, Redbridge


Client: Metroman Ltd


Construction Cost: £2 m


The corner site in Ilford Town Centre has been completely redeveloped. Forming a bookend to the existing low-level terrace, planning gain offered a four-fold increase in floor area. The design achieved a very high density development on a limited footprint.


Ground floor commercial with four floors of residential accommodation above, and a roof terrace with green roofs.


The boundary at the corner follows a stepped line, rather than the usual chamfered transition between frontages, providing a distinctive elevational treatment.


The High Road frontage is clad in high-quality facing materials, hierarchical disposition of the fenestration and forms the focal point facing Hainault Street.

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